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Intuit ~ Psychic Tarot ~ Angelic Messages ~ Astrologist !  

StarAngels' Testimonials Taken From her other 


Note to my Private Clients: I can be reached on this website which is an AT&T platform. You would need to become a member of Keen. It is credit card based and my fee there is $5.11 cents a minute. You are more than welcome to visit the site. My services there are at a much higher fee due to the percentage that Keen and AT&T receive. Having said that here is some of my feedback.

Feedback Summary Psychic's Name:starangels

Feedback Responses:5090

Feedback: Records

Date: 11/20/2011

Client: DoingIt4Me~~As always, it was a pleasure speaking with you and I'm glad I was able to catch you. StarAngels is DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!!!! There isn't anyone like her on this site. Thanks again for taking my call. Talk to you soon!

Date: 11/20/2011

Client: Maria2463~~Thank you so much for taking my call, and I am sorry the connection broke. I hope we can talk again soon.

Date: 11/20/2011

Client: 4677~~Thank you for your insight, its always so valuable!

Date: 11/20/2011

Client: mgs77~~Sorry to get cut off...but just to let everyone know...Star is amazing... Thank you... :-)